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Serum & Touch includes
Serum / 30 ml / 1,01 Fl Oz
+ Touch Book

Plantique Revitalizing Serum is a complete and demanding serum, designed for all skin types. 

Its valuable probiotics rebalance the skin's microbiome, deeply nourishing and revitalizing, restoring natural light to the complexion.

Rigorously formulated and composed of emollient oils, moisturizing actives, antioxidants and extracts rich in vitamin C, and with its elegant olfactory notes of Neroli, Revitalizing Serum helps skin look nourished and radiant. It is ideal to use before Illuminating Essence or Ageless Elixir. Illuminating Essence or Ageless Elixir.

Touch Book – Sample Book

Discover the 6 exclusive products with the Plantique TOUCH BOOK.

This elegant sampler has been designed to provide you with a sensory experience of touch, texture, fragrance, color and efficacy of the Plantique Exclusive Biocosmetics range.

The Plantique TOUCH BOOK contains 6 sachets of 4 ml of:

  • AGELESS ELIXIR – Night Cream
  • PURIFYING MASK - Purifying Mask
  • AGELESS EYE MASK - Eye Contour Mask



Revitalizing Nutrient
Microbiota regenerator Balancing
Antiradicals Softener
Antioxidant Protective
Moisturizing Emollient

Organic jojoba vegetable oil: Moisturizing, revitalizing and softening. Its content of more than 80% of monounsaturated fatty acids (especially gadoleic acid and also erucic acid, both with moisturizing properties), and ceramides, balances the skin’s acidity and considerably improves the appearance of oily and combination skin. It also helps regulate sebaceous secretions. It is an exceptional moisturizing agent, excellently spreading and lubricating, leaving a rich, non-greasy velvety feel on the skin, while retarding its loss of water and improving its suppleness and softness. When used regularly, it softens tight, dry and irritated skin, leaving it soft and supple and supple without making it greasy.

Organic chia seed oil: This oil, indicated for the care of problematic skin and for the hydration of dry and sensitive skin, is especially effective against the action of free radicals. Considered a superfood due to its high amount of nutrients, chia seeds are an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants, calcium, protein and omega 3 fatty acids (alpha-linolenic acid) of vegetable origin. The antioxidant activity of chia is mainly due to its content of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), chlorogenic acid and caffeic acid. Thanks to these assets, it protects the integrity of the skin from oxidative processes. Caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid, contained in chia seeds, have been shown to have strong activity against free radicals and oxidative processes in general. These antioxidant properties are significantly stronger than those of ferulic acid and common antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E. On the other hand, the carbohydrates contained in chia are capable of absorbing water and therefore contribute to maintaining skin very hydrated. Furthermore, some of these compounds form a protective film on the skin, preventing and delaying the loss of transepidermal water.

Squalane: Its exceptional moisturizing properties and ability to penetrate the skin have made squalane a favorite among cosmetics and personal care formulators. It is one of the best emollients on the market, it occurs naturally in the lipid layers of the skin and prevents moisture loss while restoring skin suppleness. Of 100% GMO-free botanical origin, it is derived from vegetable sugars.

Organic walnut oil: Protects the skin from oxidative processes thanks to its high content of tannins and vitamin C. The astringent action of the tannins it contains is due to its ability to waterproof the outermost layers of the skin and mucous membranes, thus protecting the underlying layers. By limiting the loss of flows and preventing external aggressions, tannins favor the regeneration of tissues in cases of external aggressions.

Organic grape seed vegetable oil: With purifying properties, as well as being a powerful antioxidant, it deeply nourishes the skin due to its high content of linoleic acid and lecithin. In addition, it contains procyanides that trap free radicals, to which its antioxidant action is attributed. The linoleic acid that this oil contains, among others, is essential to be able to synthesize the lipids of the tissues. The topical application of linoleic acid (as well as its polyunsaturated derivatives) softens the skin, makes it supple and considerably reduces transepidermal water loss, thus restoring the skin’s barrier function. Its antioxidant property comes from tocopherols, which act on the essential fatty acids of the membranes.

Active Principles

High molecular weight vegetable hyaluronic acid: Provides the skin with a long-lasting moisturizing effect, providing a protective film-forming effect. It helps the skin to be protected and hydrated for longer, because this hyaluronic acid is capable of retaining a high percentage of water considerably greater than its molecular weight. The skin is protected from free radicals, smooth, elastic, soft and silky.

Lactococcus ferment lysate: Positively modulates the skin’s microbiota because it stimulates its renewal through probiotic technology. It is an asset obtained from a lysate of Lactococcus lactis, which are probiotic bacteria. It represents a very effective aid for the skin to restore its original richness and microbial diversity after a serious alteration, inducing its renewal and accelerating the recovery of its protective barrier. It helps the skin to adapt quickly and effectively to the constant changes in the environment. In vivo studies show that it is a skin rejuvenator since it acts on the main essential processes related to dry and problematic skin and its self-renewal capacity. It effectively promotes the desquamation of dead cells and helps the skin to adapt quickly and effectively to external stress, positively influencing both the speed and the quality of epidermal growth. Increases the production of essential proteins and enzymes for skin quality, improves barrier function and cell cohesion, and accelerates renewal.

Vitamin C: Stabilized with glucose obtained through an enzymatic process, it gives the skin a healthier, brighter and more youthful appearance. It is a powerful antioxidant agent, capable of neutralizing the radicals generated by UVB rays and the free radicals generated by pollution. In addition, it counteracts the effect of DPE (Diesel Particulate Extract) that cause the degradation of type IV collagen.

Organic açaí extract: It is a powerful antioxidant and antiaging cosmetic active ingredient, since açaí is a fruit rich in polyphenols, anthocyanins, resveratrol and vitamin C. The results of the studies clearly show that the açaí fruit acts on the different levels of the skin, stopping the appearance and action of various free radicals that are associated with significant oxidative damage. For this reason, and because it is already effective at very low concentrations, its potential to alleviate the negative effects caused by free radicals in skin cells is confirmed.

Acerola Extract: Another ingredient that has a high content of vitamin C and, consequently, has a high antioxidant activity, also stimulating the synthesis of collagen. It contributes to the skin being deeply hydrated because, due to its high concentration of carbohydrates, it is capable of absorbing and retaining water.


Citrus aurantium amara flower water*, aqua, aloe barbadensis leaf juice*, glycerin*, squalane, lactococcus ferment lysate, ascorbyl glucoside, parfum, simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, salvia hispanica seed oil*, sodium hyaluronate, malpighia glabra fruit extract, vitis vinifera seed oil*, euterpe oleracea fruit extract*, juglans regia seed oil*, arginine, sodium surfactin, , xanthan gum, glycine soja oil, beta-sitosterol, squalene, tocopherol, lactic acid, sodium chloride, sodium phytate, citric acid, sodium levulinate, sodium anisate, benzyl alcohol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, glyceryl undecylenate, glyceryl caprylate, alcohol, benzyl salicylate**, citronellol**, geraniol**, linalool**, limonene**.

*Ingredient of ecological origin.

Perfume of natural origin

**Naturally present in the perfume

How to use

Apply a small amount to clean and dry skin of the face, neck and neckline, giving a gentle massage until completely absorption.

Precautions for use:

Avoid direct contact with eyes, mucosa and open wounds. Do not apply to children under three years. Keep out of the reach of children. External use.