Home Spa Routine



The Home Spa Routine includes

Revitalizing Serum (Serum / 30 ml / 1,01 Fl Oz)

+ Purifying Mask (Mascarilla depurativa / 50 ml / 1,69 Fl Oz)

Plantique Revitalizing Serum is a complete and demanding serum, designed for all skin types.

Its valuable probiotics rebalance the skin's microbiome, deeply nourishing and revitalizing, restoring natural light to the complexion.

Rigorously formulated and composed of emollient oils, moisturizing actives, antioxidants and extracts rich in vitamin C, and with its elegant olfactory notes of Neroli, Revitalizing Serum helps skin look nourished and radiant. It is ideal to use before Illuminating Essence or Ageless Elixir. Illuminating Essence or Ageless Elixir.

Plantique Purifying Mask is a facial mask that brings together more than 25 plant extracts to bring impurities to the surface, detoxify, exfoliate, rebalance and protect the skin. The purification is accompanied by the delicate but effective exfoliation with small spheres of charcoal.

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Revitalizing Serum


Revitalizing Nutrient
Microbiota regenerator Balancing
Antiradicals Softener
Antioxidant Protective
Moisturizing Emollient

Purifying Mask


Purifying Seboregulatory
Antiradicals Antioxidant
Decongestant Stimulating
Protector Vitaminizer
Repairer Lifting effect