Eye Routine



The Eye Routine includes

Ageless Eye Mask (Contour Eye Mask / 30 ml / 1,01 Fl Oz)
+ Illuminating Eye Contour (Eye Routine / 30 ml / 1,01 Fl Oz)

Ageless Eye Mask de Plantique is an eye contour mask with powerful anti-aging, soothing and anti-inflammatory active ingredients.

Among its numerous antioxidant and anti-aging active ingredients, Bakuchiol stands out, also known as the new generation natural retinol, which, together with refined vegetable complexes, lipoproteins and lipoamino acids, acts on mature skin, deeply stimulating its renewal and hydration process.

Ageless Eye Mask is ideal to use together with Ageless Elixir.

Illuminating Eye Contour is a very complex and effective eye contour, with a soft touch and easy absorption. Rich in ingredients specially indicated for the delicate skin around the eyes.

Illuminating Eye Contour is designed to achieve a comprehensive balance in that area. Its formula is designed with ingredients that help revitalize, brighten, soothe, visibly smooth expression lines, reduce dark circles and puffiness, and help prevent the appearance of wrinkles. The skin will feel firmer, more elastic, brighter, healthier, and consequently younger. 



Ageless Eye Mask


Antiage Powerful moisturizing
Anti eye bags Stimulating
Smoothes deep wrinkles Elasticity
Antioxidant Protective

Illuminating Eye Contour


Depigmenting Antioxidant
Repairer Renewal
Blind circles Moisturizing
Rejuvenating Lifting effect